Window Pains, original Poem written during the 2011 Narcolepsy Network Conference Creative Writing Session

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Large space I came with high hopes. Hopes for us, hopes for a garden, hopes you'd provide us with great joy to watch our future children play and grow. Hopes I would one day afford and have the strength to create the garden of my dreams. The mirage of colors of gorgeous blooms and their sweet perfume fragrance the air and our souls.With our plaid patterned sofa's back against your enormity, you fed in the heat in the summer, sucked the warmth from all in the winter. Dressing you with royal blue curtains-- a challenge for your size, but you were a good sport.


As time progressed,through you I saw the yard in neglect--me disabled, Ken resentful. He let the grass grow 3ft. high, rarely mowed, and blamed me for us ever meeting you. You saw my heart break, our dreams die, our marriage suffer, our standard of living reduced to poverty, and almost the end of me. I still think of you and wish I looked through you to see my lovely secret garden, that never was.

(wrote this at the Narcolepsy Network Convention in Las Vegas October 2011 following my Foreclosure and Divorce- capturing the devastating loss of my home and spouse) Of course life is so much better than anything I had before!)

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