Trapped Inside Myself, Sound Cloud Melody with Lyrics

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I wake at night,
Unable to scream or fight.
What do I do
When the numbness plights
As the terror escalates,
The monsters come celebrate.
My fears unreal,
But why does it feel like this?
So take me into another world,
A place I can be
Free at last,
Where I can even stand up
And Laugh.
So Pain will become a mere memory...
No one Understands me, because....

I’m Trapped Inside Myself,
I Can’t even break free.
My mind plays tricks,
If even for a little bit,
Been kicked to nothingness.
I’m Trapped inside myself,
Escaping is everything,
I can resist,
If only for a little bit;
My dreams are pillaged.
I’m Trapped Inside myself

Nobody Around Understands,
I can’t get off,
This runaway brain train.
I once controlled

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