The Sad Bad and Ugly Truth about Privatized Medicaid

Rachel Nesmith

I’m the voice of the voiceless, the sickest,poorest of our society, and in the horror of Healthcare Affordable Care Act Repeal threat for the Chronically Ill and the need for my real league of superheroes with Invisible Disabilities FOR Invisible Disability Rights I, We need your support more than ever.
While there tell in Austin--Gov Abbot and Rx congress to stop gutting my healthcare! Rx formulary US scripts denies to cover many generic drugs, like my antidepressant during suicide prevention week which treats my depression as well as cataplexy, sleep paralysis, hypnagogic and hyptomyoptic hallucinations- profound. The state stopped covering Generic Flexeril I take for fibromyalgia, and outright refused to cover Xyrem even when my sleep dr and patient advocate and I appealed to the highest level with extensive documentation of severe intermittent cataplexy- like conscious muscle paralysis almost all day, every day without my Xyrem. 🙅‍♂️ even after my doctor sent a letter of medical absolute necessity. I've been notified that The text is texas drug vendor formulary is going to completely exclude generic Provigil In March. All the other possible drugs you help keep me awake for any significant period of time Eg two hours. Due to my heart condition I cannot take anything else - Generic Adderal they want me to take. What is the Point of making The most vulnerable citizens severely suffer and I mean it... begging the ER to save my life 2010, Yes, governor Abbot is from my hometown Duncanville, Texas and spoke at my high school 🎓 1999, as well as A fellow disabled Texan who doesn't seem to think other Disableded people need access to drugs which lessens intermittent periods and involuntary but fully conscious paralysis and broken bones do to feeling any kind of emotion. Superior health plan, The plan is paid profits using State and Federal profits make it impossible extremely difficult and very much delayed approval of many screenings like my imaging scans, treatments, prescriptions, surgeries... it's took Dr Jeyarajah two months continual appeals for superior to cover my yearly MRI with contrast To monitor my remaining six remaining liver tumors which are very deadly if they explode. Thank God for Costco and it's kind of funny that Xyrem patient assistance program helps me which is essentially a tax write off deduction. And that means that the state and not covering for Xyrem anyways. Almost every person on Medicaid in Texas is treated that contracted several for profit privatized health insurance companies HMOs Via waivers from Feds in US congress. What this world needs now absolutely more than ever is authentic empathy and I really wish that Sleepy Americans Empizer was real because is serious complex need special care when in hospital, rehab facility, hospital night.. Period. The entire reason why I am considered legally disabled due to my severity of symptoms of narcolepsy- ( sleep paralysis, cataplexy/Status cataplexus combined. Excessive daytime sleepiness/sleep attacks in which your instant me if you leave gone three days without any sleep. Centene's CEO makes 100K + a day rationing Medical care for the most needy, impoverished, disabled populations via Superior Health Plan. Disabled populations getting less than 10K yr in benefits. Care to imagine what will happen with High Risk Pools, Medicaid Block Grants, destruction of the Marketplace ACA? Yeah, make the rich richer off the backs of the poor disabled, because making life harder, impossibly lived for our most vulnerable is OH so Christian and Pro-life! Sheesh! Superior Health Plan is always between me and my Doctor's plan for my care, always excluding drugs, GENERIC drugs like antidepressants, muscle relaxers, and generic gentler on the heart generic Provigil. Excluding whole classes of prescriptions! Hey, I am selling myself... my energy and effort not for money, but for the salvation of those with chronic illness. We . are. Super Heroes, Everyone is freaking out bc #obamacare is in serious jeopardy. Assemble Fellow #SleepyAmericanHeroes Private insurance has Always been the worst '3rd wheel!' If I had not been waitlisted by Rare Disease Legislative Advocates and/or raised enough on go fund me, I would have been on a plane this Sunday to DC to call out all my TX reps, senators, and killed the congressional debriefing. Yes, I am disabled, with many health issues and have been in poverty much of my life as a young adult. However, I am college educated, a critical thinker, and would have left congress stunned.... Bigly... That is why I blog as Sleepy American and make SleepyAmericanTube videos including the one in my above blog entry, a rap about how high-risk pools are for high-risk fools. Together we can embarrass the hell out of em! The Fate of all DISABLED persons Lies in Sleepy American's Ability to Get to DC during Rare Disease week. TIME is Ticking... Please Give us a VOICE and Representation in the US Congress! Help America Sleep Great Again and Get Ms. Sleepy to Washington. For She is OUR Sleeper of the House!  Costco' s my dirty little secret... yeah the only place which sells organic health food in bulk, pays a living wage, and doesn't up price their generic drugs by up to 90%. generic Effexor xr 300mg/night, gen flexeril/Generic Provigil. The Pharmacy Techs always look dumbfounded at the pharmacy when I tell them the price Walgreen's wants when my Privitized Medicaid for Disabled plan excludes and denies PA drug prices...and generic Provigil is about to get EXCLUDED and they will not care about my waking abilities... legal Meth... Adderall Generic or Bust... Thanks Texas.... so costco is a Godsend to the Chronically Ill in TEXAS. High Risk Pools are for High Risk Pools, Deductibles we cannot choose. This talk what you want when you want it, you do. Why dont't you ask us who knew, high risk pools are a horrendous prision, cuz you cannot pay the huge 1-3K deductibles, and many of us with severious multiple conditions... the copays cripple us. DO not block grant Medicaid, TX already is paying private insurance companies a profit to cut my Antidepressants during Suicide Prevention weeek, and Flexeril(both generics btw just the last month! Modafonil is to be exclude as of March 31st. Oh the irony... the main reason I am on Disability is severe Narcolepsy with cataplexy, but Texas Drug Venders cut down the formulary and Medicad gets decimated by those in office.... belonging to the party of not U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders... I got narcolepsy from the trauma of 9/11 so the GOV should not make the very disabled citizens prisoner to an ungodly priced health insurance we cannot ever pay, the most impoverished vulerable citizens beg, plead and collapse from not getting the care we need, and raping our freedom of choosing in a freemarket unlike now... we can shop at the marketplace... So make us weaker, sicker disabled jump thru hoops when you cut off our legs... Nice Christain move! NOT at least President Donald J. Trump, Sam Johnson, John Cornyn... Discus this decision plan WITH the ones it affects most, Sincelerly Sleeper of the House To Senators Cruz, Cornyn and Representative Sam Johnson of Texas: Oh, no Texas Medicaid has nothing left to cut as it is... you already privatized it to pay for profit companies deny and ration the healthcare for Texas most vulnerable poor (Disabled, Elderly, children) citizens. What is the purpose of cutting Medicaid when you have cadilac care? How much is a human life worth saving? How much should we pay to save the unborn? How is my daughter's life OK to murder by making me beg for a Liver Surgeon to remove a cantaloupe sized Hepatic Adenoma, facing impending death after ex-husband abandoned me a week from eviction. Count down to rupture, I barely made it to 30. Hard working Texans, Seniors in Medicaid nursing homes, agencies strapped for band aids to leave me and grandma in the dust of death so you can make a buck off private corporations. Everytime I have ever gone to the doctor, its not the government with the most say, its the INSURANCE company.  Traditional Texas Medicaid covered much more without exclusions, and didn't require impossible Prior Authorizations for Generic Drugs.... I would choose the federal Medicare everytime if I had a choice over any private, private-contracted health insurance entity.  a Fellow Texan whose say never gets heard... poor disabled. Without experiencing poverty, disability, spousal abandonment one week prior to eviction,  little to no medical insurance during my 20's, I would become relatively oblivious to the suffering of those like myself battling debilitating invisible disabilities each day. I would never become an extraordinary #SleepyAmericanHero, however, since I have survived, and Persisted, my Voice for the Disabled is stronger than ever, and as a fighter and an Irish American, Ready to kick butt with my Empizer. Illness-Splaining simplified via Sleepy American​’s SuperpowerMY #Empizer which momentarily shocks my or another person’s life experiences, esp. chronic illness via mere touch. Shocking empathic understanding immediately followed by a stunned pained facial expression and multiple apologies for ever doubting you and your conditions. I virtually march with Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, Fibromyalgia, RA, Hepatic Adenomas, profound all limb severe peripheral diabetic neuropathy. How do you think upholding a Health Care System that is nearly entirely comprised of by for-profit insurance companies? Companies that ADD NO VALUE to Health Care but drive up costs. Costs that are incurred by individuals, businesses and health care providers alike do anything but drive up everyone's medical costs?

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