The Other Postpartum Nightmare

Rachel Nesmith anxiety mom narcolepsy panic attacks patient advocate rare disease The Other Postpartum Nightmare

My tot Savi just started her nap this afternoon, as I shut her bedroom door, I hear the sounds of back to back text messages ping from my phone. Suddenly an all incapacitating wave of panic strangles me to the ground (cataplexy). Naturally, I am an introvert, meaning around others, I am drained of my energy, often to incapacitation. Most women are extroverts, meaning they recharge around each other, talking... and talking. I need silence, quiet reflective time. Anytime I decide to go out or see extended family/friends,it is a major undertaking just to exist. I am emotionally stressed out and drowning from the pressure to chat, be social, feel forced into an obligation for further Kryptonian societal interactions. Not long after Savannah was born, I became feeling spontaneous spurts of angina, my heart racing, my throat constricting, and as if I was about to faint and die. Was it asthma? I thought but it was not, my PCP put me back on the antidepressants I was on for both Cataplexy, Sleep Paralysis, and Hypnagogic hallucinations in addition to clinical depression.  It was not helping the sleep paralysis nor anxiety adoquately, so I brought it up to my pcp, whom said I was already on several sedating meds

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