Suddenly Sleepy Saturday: Empizizing via Daylight Saving Time

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Here's the Pinnacle of Sleep Awareness week, Suddenly Sleepy Saturday.  Designed to fall on the day of Jumping up one hour, making us lose an hour of sleep, so everyone can have a sample of our lives as Person's with Narcolepsy/ Hypersomnia/ Dyssomnias, an equal opportunity Sleep Deprivator that Daylight Saving Time is. Also called Narcolepsy Awareness Day, Suddenly Sleepy Saturday was begun by Narcolepsy Network, 
Person's with Narcolepsy all over the USA and Beyond have sent out and received state Governor and city Mayor/Manager Proclamations, formal notices of Suddenly Sleepy Saturday. What do actual person's with narcolepsy actually do on Suddenly Sleep Saturday? Many do public awareness events like presentations, fundraising events in different variations, and some gather with their local support group and loved ones. 

Suddenly Sleepy Saturday event Highlights:

5th Annual Narcolepsy Bed Race

Julie Flyare, JD, Narcolepsy Spokeswoman, Narcolepsy: Not Alone campaign owner, founder of Project Sleep and fellow PWN (person with Narcolepsy) and Author of her Memoir about Narcolepsy, Wide Awake and Dreaming, hosts her annual Sleep In challenge and fundraiser for Project Sleep where participants get pledges based on the hours they spend in bed during Suddenly Sleepy Saturday.  One of the best slumber party's around!
What did Sleepy American Do to commemorate Suddenly Sleepy Saturday?
DFW Narcolepsy Friends is our new local Support Group for person's with Narcolepsy, our mates/caregivers, family, etc.
 DFW Narcolepsy Friends: Join Us!
We met at a Member's home in Garland, TX, and shared stories, encouragement, and knowledge as well as laughs and good food with fun! IT's been a dream of mine for more than a decade to have a support group in my area, but never was able to garner enough support for it back then. Due to privacy issues I will not publish any pictures of members unless they agree its ok. Narcolepsy still has a nasty 'lazy' stigma that employers can use to discriminate, terminate employment based on our health, even if medications are controlling our symptoms. The American's with Disabilities is a weak protection, and Texas doesn't make employers share a reason for terminating any employee. If you are in North Texas and have Narcolepsy or think you may, please join us on our Facebook Group DFW Narcolepsy Friends 

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