Snore Wars: Sleepy's Empizer Strikes Back!

Rachel Nesmith

I've never been so acutely sick (bronchitis), hurts to breathe, be awake, in a very very long time. For a person with chronic illness, you can appreciate just how sick I am at the moment. So many life pressures... I have finished my favorite episode yet of Sleepy American Heroes, I was going to reveal my new set for my in Person vids, as well as intro Sleepy American Heroes: S01E05 Snore Wars: Sleepy's Empizer Strikes Back! Thus, this is my written introduction and synopsis... Empizizing Darth Vader leads to a surprising realization and serves as an epiphany for Darth. Illness-Splaining simplified via Sleepy American ’s Superpower…MY #Empizer which momentarily shocks my or another person’s life experiences, esp. chronic illness via mere touch. Shocking empathic understanding immediately followed by a stunned pained facial expression and multiple apologies for ever doubting you and your conditions. I virtually march with Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, Fibromyalgia, RA, Hepatic Adenomas, profound all limb severe peripheral diabetic neuropathy.All society knows is that Narcolepsy is just a blissful nap land. Somebody killed himself, several Homeless, many thought jokes, lazy nobodies on drugs!
✱Unsolicited Advice, we all have faced it having a chronic, invisible illness, defying logic, reason, delightfully ignorant, Love ,and unfortunately ill-willed on occasion... and empizizing helps me ease the immersion to our world for normals. Oh your Miracle cure Worked, NOT
Oh, all is well with a taste of your Miracle Cure
Infographic for Doubters, Judgers, and Unsolicited Advisors: Civil Coping Approaches to set the Record Straight about your Chronic Illness
Fighting Back, making peace
Unsolicited sayings are Rampant, may this inspire you to educate those in your daily Love, SleepyAmerican
My wish for people who visit  ~ When I was at my lowest, my health, poverty, depression etc. I clicked a link to your blog, saw an episode of Sleepy American Heroes, and you saved my life (from Suicide, depression, low esteem) and helped me unleash the Super Hero from within....

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