Sleepy American Heroes S01E04 : #DisabilityMarch

Rachel Nesmith Disability disability march napcave narcolepsy narcolepsy awareness patient story sleep paralysis sleepy american spoonie women belong in the House and Senate Women's March
Sleepy American Heroes S01E04 : #DisabilityMarch #disability #womensmarch #whyImarch Illness-Splaining simplified via Sleepy American​’s Superpower…MY #Empizer which momentarily shocks my or another person’s life experiences, esp. chronic illness via mere touch. Shocking empathic understanding immediately followed by a stunned pained facial expression and multiple apologies for ever doubting you and your conditions. I virtually march with Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, Fibromyalgia, RA, Hepatic Adenomas, profound all limb severe peripheral diabetic neuropathy Sleepy American Heroes S01E04 : #DisabilityMarch #disability #womensmarch #whyImarch Join us!

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