Sleepy American Heroes S01E02:Cindy Vs. The Huffle Puffle

Rachel Nesmith #worldnarcolepsyday cataplexy children with narcolepsy chronic pain cwn dream nap napcave narcolepsy narcolepsy awareness patient story relax Rheumitoid Arthirtis sleep sleep paralysis sleep week sleepy sleepy american Sleepy American Heroes S01E02:Cindy Vs. The Huffle Puffle spoonie superheroes true story World Narcolepsy Day

Something weird is going on with 3rd grader Cindy... she is always in a sleep haze even when she gets a full nights 'sleep'. Everyone things the Huffle Puffle is a bad dream, but Cindy knows this monster is Real and torments her every night in her bed... she cannot fight, she is unable to move. Then suddenly the buzzz of paralysis lifts and poof the Huffle Puffle disappears. When she laughs or gets frightened at recess, her knees and body give out, face droops, and her friends worry and try to hold her up. Where is Sleepy American to solve this scary mystery for Little Cindy and all whom love her?

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