Oh, Yes I Went to Bed Earlier and Like Magic... I am CURED Thanks for your Unsolicited Advice!

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"Oh yes thank you for your unsolicited advice. I took your advice and went to bed early and oh my gosh this morning I don't know how just that I woke to find my narcolepsy/fibromyalgia/lupus, etc GONE. It's amazing that so simple trick outwit Medical intelligence," said no one with a chronic illness ever. Unsolicited advice is the one thing that never runs short in supply. As persons with invisible disabilities we are faced with such comments many times you are new chronically ill life. Let's see which are the favorite ones we most often receive... 1. Have you tried some melatonin, marijuana, vitamins, anything else you can fill in the blank? 2. I am a direct salesperson for miracle product fill in the blank, I usually just once a day take it and now I miraculously healthy again I feel no pain and I need you to buy this so I can meet my quota and make commission. 3. Just go to bed earlier,then you won't be so tired all day long. 4. Just brush it off, stop being so lazy and get off you butt and do something. 5. Are you feeling any better? You look so great! 6. I feel like I have narcolepsy or fibromyalgia,too! I still work and get the house sparkling with energy to spare!
7. I used to feel that way, no I just drink water with apple cider vinegar... it cures everything. 8.  I think you're just over exaggerating or imagining things all in your head. And I am certain there are many other types of norms inferred insinuated types of unsolicited pieces of advice for those with invisible disabilities. So what can we do to combat unwanted ignorant suggestions to avoid an even more tense situation? 1. Politely say thanks but no thanks. 2. Thank you for your suggestion. 3. Say i'm not looking for debate, please just listen to me and support me.
4. It makes me feel inadequate and sad when you offer me advice I didn't ask for. My doctors expertise makes me confident I am doing the correct things to maximize my welfare as well as negate negative symptoms from my chronic illness. Why do people offer advice when I don't even ask for such? 1. The feel they can better deal with your problem, and are attempting to prove it to themselves. 2. They Genuinely would like to help. 3. A disease that will never go away is terrifying, so they subconsciously are attempting to alleviate this feeling of tense hopelessness. What if repeat offenders continue offering unsolicited advice and unwelcome tips, despite my requests? Distance yourself from them. You need to take care of yourself and your health first and you don't need this kind of negativity to hinder your healing coping processes. There are so many chronic illness supports online and Beyond for you to ever need to waste time with a person unable she completely understand what you are going through. Empathy is the key; however, materialistic tendencies and lack of imagination result in a less compassionate society.

Sleepy American's Empizizer Strikes Back!

What can you do to increase Empathy in Society? Educate, advocate, blog, speak, anything you can to get the word out about your invisible disability life experience. The whole point behind Sleepy American and Sleepy American Heroes is not only to fulfill this great need for societal education and increased empathic understanding, but also to provide Immediate Supports for those not yet diagnosed, as well as Newly Diagnosed, isolated, and persons with invisible disabilities in crisis.

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