Night in Nuclear Winter

Rachel Nesmith

I'm not sleeping after being bombed to death an hour ago. I felt being blown like a projectile through the air, there was no escape within a 5mile radius. oh the incinerating pain of fire burning my flesh as the explosion vaporized each cell of my body- in SLLLLoWW Mode. I said the longest goodbye to my family right before we knew our fate. Terrorists.... classic SleepyAmerican Sleep Paralysis with Hypnagogic Hallucinations. #narcolepsy Every night without Effexor xr, Xyrem and daytime Provigil my dreams are THIS Real... like me touching you real! Almost all night every night. Really Superior Health Plan and US scripts? WTF to Save a Friggen Buck!!!! Formularies suck. So it's Suicide Prevention Awareness Week and it is this week you STOP covering Antidepressants?Classy....

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