Narcolepsy is Horrifying Not Funny

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This is precisely why it’s so vital to lift each other up, increase empathy among ‘normals’ and unlike Kimmel, Zee us type 1ers get the truth out- Narcolepsy for us makes us vegetative without medication. Afraid to shut my eyes, horrified to feel anything...!Narcolepsy is a horror movie, not a comedy...Nicole Jeray is one of my favorites, and of course  @remrunner I am nothing short of amazing as a person- I lost my carreer, ability to drive, years in poverty and inadequate treatment, abandoned by first husband 2009, almost died 2011- , started dating again... now my attitude is that hardship builds character, empathy, and academy award winning roles.  We are superior in character and humanity- we are Strong, we are Superheroes.

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