My Origninal Song Lyrics for 2007 "Prison of Pain": Living with Narcolepsy and Fibromyalgia

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My Prison of Pain


Living my life,

Going to school,

And then suddenly,

Planes fly into the towers...

What's going on?




That same week,

Whenever I sleep,

I find myself

Having nightmares that seem


And I cannot speak.




I'm in a prison of pain,

My body's a prison of pain,

Everything I do---

There's no escape.

Can you help me now?


I'm in a prison of pain,

My body's a prison of pain,

Everything I do---

There's no escape.

Is it hopeless now?




The voices I can hear,

The fire I can feel

I cannot flee,

While intruders torture me,

What's happening?


Someone tells a joke,

Instantly I laugh,

And then suddenly,

I collapse to the floor,

It's the weirdest thing.





Everywhere I hurt,

Whenever I move,

I feel the pain.

There's a fire that never stops.

And I don't know why.


Fatigue takes over,

Depression sets in...

I watch my dreams-

Become figments of imagination.

Why is life so grim?





Every time I think I might escape,

I realize who's in charge.

Narcolepsy and Fibromyalgia--

They're my prison's bars.





Is this a dream?

Will I wake up?

I'm trapped inside,

No longer able to drive or work...

Can't make ends meet.


This situation--

it's tough to deny,

My body's in charge,

But my will, it surely survives!

I'll persevere.




This prison of pain

It drives me insane.

Help me get out--

And help me to survive.

Thank God for you.





Important Notice:


I hope my friends especially living with narcolepsy and /or fibromyalgia can relate to this song I have written. This creation is a piece of my soul, which took considerable creative effort and energy.

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