My Heart Glows Today, because I Empathize

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I wrote this a decade ago, just found it in my old discarded myspace archives.  Find Comfort My Friend, from a Fellow PWN (Sister Spoonie)
Today my heart glows because I could help.
Dark in the night of our lives we walk alone,
But together, when we reach out for help,
An angel is there, someone who understands.
Tears of joy stream down my face, because she called.
When faced with chronic illness, we are terrified.
So many questions, so few who understand.
Does anyone out there Know what I am going through?
A smile glows in my heart today, because I could help.
Like a diamond, I feel the warm joy of feeling worthwhile.
The reason, the purpose of posting my story Online, Fulfilled.
Today is the day I can comfort and reassure a friend I have yet to meet.
When not knowing what’s going on with our body, the fear, the worry;
To find an understanding shoulder is not easy to find.
Others think you’re lazy, though the exhaustion attacks us...
Against our will, the cloak of sleepiness overwhelms....
We are trapped if we do not reach for answers.
My heart glows today, because Someone reached out for help.
Narcolepsy is no picnic, and without each other, terrifying.
No one knows you like another with Narcolepsy.
No one else can tell the jokes only we can laugh about.
Thank you, dear friend, for reaching out today.
I know I don’t have money, but understanding I am rich in.
I hope I could help you, and that you know...
Thank you for making my heart glow with joy.
Thank you for calling me,
 For Giving me the privilege of being there for you. 

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