I have Narcolepsy, and I Need to Sleep [Original Poem]

Rachel Nesmith

I have Narcolepsy and I Need to Sleep.
(Ah, the Inaccurate Stereotype Repeats...)
But Without  Provigil, Xyrem and Effexor XR,
My brain is confused between awake and asleep.
 My dreams become Real- on Elm St.
I See Freddy, I feel pain as he slashes my flesh,
I cannot move, scream, my heart's in a panic
I say a prayer and Freddy scoffs and burns me.
Sleep Paralysis ~  its not for the weak. 
Especially, when no one thinks I'm being attacked by my Sleeper Creeper,
 because I look ASLEEP.
and I am NOT counting sheep! 
Unable to move in a meld of reality and dream horrifyingly realistic  sleep paralysis. Sometimes a Joke is so Funny, I immediately fall onto the floor, conscious of all around me. 
I try to laugh,  cry, but nothing comes out. I cannot hold my neck up, as I'm paralyzed in discomfort. Its a struggle to breathe, my breasts are suffocating me. 
Pharmaceutical companies are rejoicing, Status Cataplexus is my least favorite address,
Without Xyrem, Effexor XR, and Provigil. 
Suddenly Sleepy... micro sleeps and immediate falls from cataplexy. Our lights shine bright, together in OUR Fight! 
Sleepy American Heroes, Unleash Your Inner Superhero Advocate, support, and mentor! Join my team to educate and soften the public's hearts. 

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