I have a Dream

Rachel Nesmith

I have a Dream that One day my on TV/movie stars with Full Tetrad Narcolepsy will Tell their story on TV. Julie Flygare is our superstar of Gen Y Persons succeeding with Narcolepsy whom has appeared on TV. Successful PWNs mentioned are amazing! MY Dream is that the other symptoms besides EDS, the ones which took a lot of life away from us, become associated with N in the public arena just as well.
Ginger Zee is great, I talked to her on live feed a few weeks ago, we were diagnosed the same time of our lives, same age, 2001. She has sleep attacks, not any cataplexy, etc. She said her N was mild... same as Kimmel has said to reporters before. I love when pwn succeed! I wish Ginger,Jimmy, Kelly's husband Mark, even anyone on TV, Movies to attach correct stereotypes of Narcolepsy's being about sleepiness, and every REM associated symptom in our Tetrad. When I list names, I mean just those names specifically. Kimmel, Ginger Zee,Cobain- the only ones I named, I mean them specifically, not a generalization of persons with a successful career whom did so despite having Narcolepsy. I am referring to ONLY household mainstream on the big or little screen regularly celebrities with Narcolepsy. I have requested, wished that Kimmel or Ginger anybody on TV join in and use some of their fame to help us associated Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, Sleep Paralysis,and Hypnagogic Hallucinations... even automatic behavior for the USA, world. I want for when Narcolepsy is mentioned I don't universally get that nails on chalkboard response, "Oh, that's when you just fall asleep anywhere, often, like Deuce Bigalow, Ha ha." I I have a dream someday my Orexin producing humans will fully know and comprehend the full implications of a life of those without Orexin producing Neurons. Honestly by hardships I can check so many of our posts to my own losses. Very painful, at times lonesome, scrary, frustrating, infuriating.... and in the rebuilt self from our ashes... something beautiful can be molded shining brilliantly in to the lives of others losing hope, feeling alone. I can laugh at narcolepsy, but in a way only a pwn can, thru my eyes. Usually it include sarcasm at the world's reactions to us. You have what it takes to Inspire Empathic Understanding as a person with an invisible disability Super Stars. We can Join MLK, Jr in championing patient advocacy and civil rights ~ All it takes is a little Spark!

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