Hey Captain REMmer, Narcolepsy is NOT a Super Power!

Rachel Nesmith

Here is my post to @Renner4Real Jeremy Renner Narcolepsy is NOT a super power! Well, of course unless collapsing falls every time you feel emotion, esp. laughter (cataplexy), Conscious Paralysis while trying to sleep (sleep paralysis), or the ever horrifying Hypnagogic Hallucinations are what you are referring to... #CaptianCataplexy #Narcolepsyisnotasuperpower Rem sleep intrudes upon the wakeful hours in the brains of persons with Narcolepsy, Hence Jeremy Renner says he wants to be #CaptainNarcolepsy, I say lets PUN his name... #CaptainRemmer #Captain America

**Cued Link to #Captain Narcolepsy as a Superpower Comment

Narcolepsy Network~ Advocacy is happening, regardless of your involvement! Lots of us PWN united independently unless you step it up... after all, my Web Name and ID is Sleepy American.

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