Downtown, Uptown, All-around

Rachel Nesmith

When we started out, we knew not much about
What could become of our fun.
We were just a bunch of kids running around
Now I see your light, and it shines so bright
Don’t say I told you so, cuz you know
Where I stand…. Not matter ….
Where we go.
Everything is so brand new,
As see the world with brand new eyes,
Like I never knew what life was about…
Till I woke one day,
Suddenly, you meant everything to me.
Now you are always on my mind,
No matter where I go… You follow me
And stay by my side through it all.
It’s been a long long time ago,
What you did, what we did,
I told you so, All was new
You were my compass,
Downtown Uptown, All –around
All around…. You are with me, baby.
We were kids….. Now we are this.
So brand new, I can see
For the very first time…
What true love adds to a man.
They can say what they will.
This is real.
Its been a long time ago…since we were kids.
Its unlike anything I have ever lived….
Do you really know my name?
Do know who is in my dreams?

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