Rachel Nesmith

Oh Sleep, sweet heavenly sleep, Under your spell, I fell so deep. Another time, similar pace. Running in circles, Will I ever win this race? Or is life one endless hurdle? Sweet dreams, Live your dream, Platitudes I see right thru. For Sleep is not my fairy tale beau, My violent abuser, Kiss and make up... For with sleep... my brain has little luck. Sweet ambrosia, my only release, Oh, Dear Sleep, Will you ever give me peace? Living with Narcolepsy? Its no simple feat! My worst nightmares … are never so simple, Time-Space continuum they Ripple. For Sleep Paralysis, By the Pillful, I prepare. Without enough armor, Xyrem and Effexor, My Body quakes, Afraid to sleep, Freddy Kruger, My next door neighbor. Afraid to set appointments, as chronic illness often Leads to Disappointments. Insta-REM Sleep Attacks, A good Laugh, cataplexy collapse... Family and Friends, My pain is Real, Drains me of all life force. Cheated is how I feel. For Chronic Means, I will not mend. My legs and arms, hands and feet, A feeling touch, My Grip Depletes, Restless Legs, Itchy, burning, Numbingly Painful, Relief I am Yearning. Grateful to be Alive, Grateful to help others, Though I am Chronically Ill, I shine brighter than ever. Fellow Spoonies, my tribe. Your Support- my heart does feel. Super Empathetic, Spoonies Really Get it. Acting OK, best smile forward, Though the pain, We Dance in the Rain. Silent tears, society says we're lame. Superheroes we are, and We can Win this Game! Sleepy American Heroes, Assemble, Persist, Resist... For our health, Our lives~ over Wealth. For my Illness, I never asked for this, Loss after loss, How much more will it cost? Burned alive, fire and fury, 9-11nightmares so real Horrific pain I did feel. Sophomore in college. Narcolepsy~ Runaway Brain train, Double-edged sword~ My sleepy brain craves relief... Often I'm too afraid... Logic? My brain denies. To close my eyes, Sleep Paralysis: I cannot speak. See? Narcolepsy is more than you think. Made in His Image, All people are made, For the Spoonie life, I asked not... Are we to be left to rot? So many opinions, Unsolicited advice~ I never sought. Disinvincibles... Made fun of by reprehensibles Our inner strength, Spoonie friends we make. We check on Each other, When energy depletes, Not much else we can do One extra Nap- Before we continue: Our dreams, the Matrix, our Venue. Take a ride on my Runaway Brain Train. Take my fears, Empatheic hearts Have we gained? DisInvincibles Unite, With our Strength and Might, The Miracles we achieve today, Help keep Depression away. Ableistic Public Opinions we Must Slay. It's worth this Fight. Health Care is a HUMAN Right. Disabled, Mislabled, Undervalued are we. Society's pretending we don't exist. Often we are the punch line, Sleepy American's no Exception. Fat, Ugly, Lazy, Demon Possessed … I have been called, For the Public Should be Appaulled. Super resourceful, Superheroes, Surviving with such dwindling resources... Is is so wrong to want to maintain a Skeletal Erection, When I live in fear I may find something funny? Laughter is my Ether, Cataplectic Metaphor. When StandAGria isn't working, Would OreXallis be better? A mind is a terrible thing to waste, I will use mine without haste. Join me in this fight, If the disabled Holocaust, Isn't what you'd like. How do you fight, Public perception so smite! We are here to our suffering We will shine a Light. All shall see; The inhumanity of our plight. We have a right, a right to live life. Here for the long haul, Sleep Attacks, name calling, insults, Poverty, involuntary... Fear of fighting... Sleep is always calling. Fear of laughing, anger, too... Living on Elm St., No Easy Feat to do! I push with grace, I will succeed... and ONE Day, I hope humanity Join our Advocacy! We are DisInvincible! Sleepy American Heroes!

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