Rachel's Rising Voices of Narcolepsy Story and Presentations

Rachel Nesmith

Thank you so much for Allowing me to Share my story with Narcolepsy Plus Speaker files, pics, slides plus references Meeting of March 24, 2019
Dear Delta Nu chapter of DKG, Thank you very much for allowing me the pleasure of presenting my story, my life with Narcolepsy and how Narcolepsy can hinder a student's ability to learn.  It was such an honor and a pleasure to meet you all, whom Mom loves,  and I hope you enjoyed attending as much as I did. It was very special for my Mom to be there and my sister inducted into your phenomenal group of educators! I have attached several useful and necessary reference links, and a REQUIRED audience Evaluation Form each member can complete and email it back.   For the members who could not attend the last meeting below are vids of my
"Sleepiness hinders every aspect of learning and cognition.  Furthermore, teachers are on the frontline of witnessing and acknowledging a child's everyday behavior. Recognizing that habitual excessive daytime sleepiness isn't normal nor is it intentional, gives you the golden opportunity to be a Superhero for your students with sleeping disorders.  You have the superpower to alert their parents, ask further questions, and help get the care they need to enable the sleepy child's earlier diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately the ability to reach his/her full potential to thrive throughout life.  A Sleepy Mind is a terrible thing to waste." Rachel Nesmith, Rising Voices of Narcolepsy


My name is Rachel, also known as Sleepy American. Having Narcolepsy w/ Cataplexy and Fibromyalgia, I advocate for all persons with Invisible Disabilities. It's most important to have a fellow veteran like myself, to guide and support the newly diagnosed person. This is the time Narcolepsy Newbies feel most vulnerable. Over a decade of YouTube Awareness, Educational, Advocacy, and Personal Accounts on YouTube and Facebook, I strive to bring 'America Forgotten' (Persons with invisible disabilities) to light.

I create, design, sell original and licensed shirts, mugs, pillows for Napcave.com

I’m Rachel Nesmith. aka Sleepy American Superhero participate in and perform in Project-Sleep Organization's program Rising Voices of Narcolepsy, which trains persons with Narcolepsy and/or other Sleeping Disorders to effectively tell their stories as well as spread awareness to misunderstood facts about Narcolepsy and other serious sleep disorders as well as the importance of good sleep quality as a vital building block of health and wellness. Project sleep is founded, owned and run by Julie Flygare, JD an attorney living with Narcolepsy in Los Angeles, CA. Julie wrote Wide Awake and Dreaming: an award-winning Memoir of Narcolepsy published in 2005. Yearly, Project Sleep Trains a new group of Person's with Sleeping Disorders to speak and/or write effectively to spread awareness as well as share our personal stories to expand minds, as well as hearts. a trained Rising Voices of Narcolepsy public speaker and Entrepreneur with Narcolepsy. Creator of Sleepy American Heroes: Youtube Animated Series, I blog at SleepyAmerican.net as well as run Napcave.com.  Having profound narcolepsy since 2001, full tetrad in addition to fibromyalgia, RA, Severe Peripheral Neuropathy, and chronic Hepatocellular Adenomas have provided me with wisdom, heart, and coping skills invaluable and precious. 

I have a lot of personal experience living with severe Narcolepsy.

  1. Parenting WITH Narcolepsy with Cataplexy 
  2. Pregnancy with Narcolepsy with Cataplexy 
  3. Adjusting/ Reassessing your New self Post Narcolepsy 
  4. Staying Positive even in Hard Times
  5. How Humor can Heal what Narcolepsy Impacts
  6. How to respond to inappropriate things people often say to us re Narcolepsy
  7. Importance of Advocacy
  8. How our Awareness Efforts have Forever improved Stigma and timelier Diagnoses over the past 2 decades
  9. The hidden advantages of having Narcolepsy 
  10. Feeling good about yourself DESPITE our Challenges

 Spread Awareness without saying a word

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