Costco Saved my Life!

Rachel Nesmith

Chronic Illness, expensive in every sense of the word: Financially, Socially, Emotionally, Devastatingly so. Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, Fibromyalgia, RA, Diabetes, Restless Legs Syndrome, Chronic Hepatic Adenomas, High Blood Pressure, Postpartum Anxiety and Panic Disorder, Depression, double profoundly severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome both fingers to elbows... I am a burden to my family, the state, but a cash cow to the Health Care Industry and Big Pharma.  At least I feel that way often.
Recently, my health insurer, Superior Health Plan's Formulary, run by US Scripts has restricted my Generic Effexor XR to only Half of what I need , In Addition, Superior Health Plan via NIA Magellan has extremely difficult access to procedures including imaging and minor to major surgeries even with say many liver tumors. The past month I have been stuck... stuck in pain, cannot find a neurosurgeon to operate on my wrists with profoundly severe carpal tunnel syndrome, stuck in several hours of Sleep Paralysis with Inception on Elm St. realistic Nightmares for 1-2hrs. at a time.
Sleep Paralysis with Inception on Elm St. realistic Nightmares
Exclusions;means there is noway the insurance company will cover said benefit, as in no more Modafinil come March 2017 this will become my reality. I have a heart condition which prevents me from taking other stimulants, as in Ritalin nor Adderal. Nothing else is left but Provigil and its Generic, Nuvigil and its Generic. Nuvigil is newer than Provigil, excluded as well.
Modafinil 200mg tab
Most pharmacies up price their generic drugs just under the brand name versions, way over what they wholesale paid for said generics, meaning big profit made off of those suffering. One and only one pharmacy seems to provide the vast public with very significantly cheaper generic prescriptions. A true life saver for myself when I take care of my daughter, nearly 2, and without my exact dosage of type and timing, I become seemingly conscious inside a dead looking, comatose body, in a seemingly never-ending cycle of sleep paralysis, Narcolepsy's scary symptoms also include cataplexy when emotions or sleepiness are felt,and I get paralyzed, often times for hours even having extrememly realistic experiences of being waterboarded or bombed burned alive while on Inception Living on nightmare on Elm St. Gerneric Welbutrin has helped me some, but half the day I still have variations and bleed thrus lasting hours a day, making me feel sick, leaving my depression and postpartum Anxiety sheer torture.
Venlafaxine ER 150mg Cap
Costco, I am so thankful you pay your employees well, and give them days off, like Thanksgiving! In addition, you still make a profit,  but have a social consciousness above the rest of US retail. From $259.00 a month at Walgreen's for 60 150mg Generic Effexor XR , Costco charged $25.39. When my insurance stops covering 60 Modafinil 200mg, I will pay $64.90 vs $1800.00 at Walgreen's. You don't even need to join Costco to buy prescriptions, they are friendly, nice and take their time to transfer your medications, as well,. I feel like I am getting back to myself, that I can shut my eyes without fearing death or danger, that I can laugh and not bust my knees as hard or break a foot.
No one sponsored this post, I just wanted to share my and my fellow persons with Narcolepsy's experiences with a club Warehouse with a heart of gold.   I have found Costco  Pharmacies often even BEAT GoodRx's prices! Sometimes Good RX finds better prices, so you can see if you can save more either way.  In addition you can always try to get your Prescription Drugs and clinic visits at no to little cost via the Partnership for RX Assistance (PPA) . Below are the links accordingly:
 Costco Drug Directory contains pricing details for prescription drugs,
GoodRx Can Help
 Prescription Assistance Programs
Stay Well Thank you for cheering my Team of Sleepy American Heroes as we battle not only damaging stereotypes but also fight for fair, affordable and quality health care for invisible disabilities, as we are often incapacitated even before reaching adulthood thru no personal fault of our own. I am here to support you  Yours truly, Sleepy American
Sleepy American Heroes Justice League for Invisible Disabilities!

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