Chronic Illness and Repealing the ACA: What the GOP Doesn't Want You to...

Rachel Nesmith

It is quite shocking this day has come, at least to most of us with chronic illness. I Remember how happy I was when several love ones finally were able to get comprehensive insurance coverage and the dignity it brought them. The person on Obamacare Health Exchanges are hard workers, and while not seriously ill, they deserve affordable health insurance, the tax credits made this possible, esp. in Texas which has categorically refused to expand Medicaid to NON Children bearing rearing Normals. However, for those like myself living with serious chronic illnesses which affects every single aspect of survival and functionality, we are in fear and rightfully so. Last Wednesday Night, as I was in Automatic Behavior Narcolepsy Nightmareland, The senate voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and all amendments....with no replacement on the table. Thursday, the House of Representatives followed suit. President Elect Trump demanded that the ACA be repealed immediately without thoughtful consideration of a plan just that there be a plan replacement 'On the same Day'. Do you know who this impacts? Children with cancers, veterans, people like myself with pre-existing conditions, the elderly, people who thought they could retire but will have to continue working because healthcare is out of their reach, coal miners who are already struggling, and 20 million Americans who will now have no hope. Family... I am the voice of the voiceless, the sickest,poorest of our society, and in the horror of Healthcare Affordable Care Act Repeal threat for the Chronically Ill and the need for my real league of superheroes with Invisible Disabilities FOR Invisible Disability Rights I, We need your support more than ever. Thank you and like for like, comment your FB page below. Together, united, growth, life saved, preserved Sincerly, Sleepy Amercan of Sleepy American Heroes
It's a scary time to be someone with a chronic illness. It is a scary time for those depending on multiple prescriptions and treatment for conditions we never wanted, throwing us and our aspirations away. However, we are still expected to pay exorbitant amounts for life sustaining healthcare. How much must our lives be further pillaged? Why must we be financially and personally assaulted, robbed, fined for being very sick? To save the government money 💰 to keep us alive? Why yes, Texas rather pay contracted Private Insurance companies a Profit to make our poorest sickest be denied and ration health care. Cut Medicaid so much Every single opportunity resulting in reimbursement so low its mission impossible to find a dr In Our plan accepting Our insurance as primary. To watch us break legs as we attempt to jump hurdles to fight for 🙅‍♂️Generic medication Prior Authorizations and exclusions from complete classes of medicines? “I think it’s important for this country to know this was not a usual thing, this is a day which lays the groundwork for 30 million people to be thrown off their health insurance,” Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said after the vote. “And if that happens, many of these people will die.” The vote last night was the framework for the budget reconciliation bill. They'll repeal it during that. That's why it's so important that we burn up the Senate and House's phone lines now. Hey, I am selling myself... my energy and effort not for money, but for the salvation of those with chronic illness. We . are. Super Heroes, Everyone is freaking out bc #obamacare is in serious jeopardy. Assemble Fellow #SleepyAmericanHeroes Private insurance has Always been the worst '3rd wheel!' The Fate of all DISABLED persons Lies in Sleepy American's Ability to Get to DC during Rare Disease week. TIME is Ticking... Please Give us a VOICE and Representation in the US Congress! Help America Sleep Great Again and Get Ms. Sleepy to Washington. For She is OUR Sleeper of the House!

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