15 Amazing People With Real Superpowers

Rachel Nesmith

From You Tube Description:
The world of comics and movies is full of superheroes and characters with abilities that transcend what is possible for the typical person. We enjoy these stories because we can escape our reality and imagine what it would be like to have amazing powers of our own. Yet, a gifted few in this world don’t have to imagine because like the superheroes in comics and movies, they too have extraordinary powers beyond normal humans.
Here we will look at a selection of real world people with remarkable powers and abilities that surpass those of us mere mortals.
Author: Brent Swancer
10. Bajau Laut: Last Of The Sea Nomads - Aqua Humans/ Aquaman
09. Slavisa Pajkic - The Electric Man / The Battery Man
08. Kim Peek -The Real Rain Man / Mega Savant / The Walking Google
07. Masutatsu Oyama - The Godhand
06. Isao Machii - The Jedi in the Matrix /Superhuman reflexes / The Modern Samurai
05. Dean Karnazes - Ultramarathonman / The Human who can run forever / super endurance man / The Real Flash
04. Daniel Browning Smith - The Rubberboy / World's Most Flexible Man Alive
03. Wim Hof - The Iceman / The Real-life Iceman
02. Veronica Seider - Smallest visible object | Guinness World Records / The Woman with Incredible Vision
01. Michel Lotito - Mr Eats All-Even Metal
5 more real Superheroes!  From youtube comics, From Description
Some superpowers go beyond the comic books and movies.

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